What Is The Gospel

Believing in the truth of the Gospel


The Realization that one is not perfect but is deeply flawed; is the realization that sin exists and that humanity needs a Savior.

The Bible is a historical document describing the history of a flawed humanity and a loving God. It recounts the stories of individuals concerning their failures, shortcomings and sins. It displays the tragedies, hopes and heartbreaks of peoples of various times; who were in desperate need of a Supernatural Savior who could redeem them from their own vices and sins.

The Gospel is the message that permeates through out the Bible telling us that God loves us and its story begins before creation itself. God had a plan to redeem all of mankind from the virus sin and their desires of rebellion.

for all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God, Romans 3:23

Think for a moment! If we are gods, could we achieve perfection? Why have we not evolved into this higher state? Why can we not break the chains of racism, rape, murder, abuse and hate? Why are we more selfish? Has our godhood failed, or is sin, the virus that plagues us, the contributing factor to our demise?


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