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Stephan Caraway

Husband, Father, Disciple of Jesus. Co-Host of the West Coast Gospel Hour. Street evangelist and writer. Social Media Contributor.

8 Reasons to Study Bible Prophecy

Bible prophecy reminds us that God is sovereign over the affairs of man and that He is good and we can see this through His promises noted to us and how He will write every wrong one day. It motivates us to live holy lives now, sets our priorities, gives us hope, encourages us to love, and by reminding us that time's short, it gives us the urgency to share the gospel while we still have time.

Figtreewatchers Podcast Episode 142: Current Events Update (6/25/23)

In this episode, we focused on the Russian coup, the International Monetary Fund's (IMF) goal towards a global CBDC, and AI being used to "preach" a sermon at a church in Germany.

Trusting In The Sufficiency Of Jesus

Trusting in the Sufficiency of Jesus

Why Ephesus Lost A Lamp Stand to Paganism and Violence.

How the pagan influences of Ephesus corrupted sound Biblical doctrine and led to the removal its lamp stand.

The Biblical Congruency of Godly Sorrow

Godly sorrow is the work of the Holy Spirit, it humbles us by confronting our arrogance through brokenness and then produces repentance that leads to our Salvation.

The Biblical Congruency of Rebellion

The congruency of rebellion by Adam and Eve, birthed the virus of sin into the world, giving way to corruption, pollution, disease and finally death.

The Biblical Congruency of Evil

The congruency of evil has existed throughout humanities existence. It is rooted in the desire to rebel against a holy and just God, who created all things.

What Is The Gospel

The Realization that one is not perfect but is deeply flawed; is the realization that sin exists and that humanity needs a Savior. The Bible is...

The Biblical Congruency of Sin

Examination of Sin Through Scripture. In the last year, I have witnessed the confusion within the church to biblically address the...

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