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West Coast Gospel Hour

Figtreewatchers Podcast Episode 138: Ephesians : Return of the Apostle Paul

In this episode, which is part three of our introduction, we learned five keys to how Paul planted the church in Ephesus. These keys are: a church starts with believers, is spirit filled, baptizes new believers, makes strong disciples, and has sound biblical doctrine. It is in these guiding keys that Paul writes his letter to the Ephesians.

Figtreewatchers Podcast Episode 137: Ephesians – Victory In Christ Jesus – Episode 1 & 2 Recap

In this episode we reviewed podcast episodes one and two of our Ephesians series as we went over the city of Ephesus and its role in influencing Paul's letter to the Ephesians and how God began to prepare the ground for planting a church. We also covered what the future episodes will reveal and gave insight to the detail in which we will break down the book of Ephesians.

Figtreewatchers Podcast Episode 136: Neuralink FDA Approval, China-Russia-Iran, EU Digital Wallet, and AI

In this episode started off by talking about the importance of knowing the season of the Lord's return. We then quickly touched on the UAE's withdrawal from a maritime security coalition, geopolitical agreements involving China, Russia, Iran, and Iraq, and the evolving dynamics in the Middle East. Additionally, we discussed topics like Elon Musk's Neuralink, concerns about artificial intelligence, the potential advent of a digital dollar, and plans for a EU Digital Identity Wallet.

Figtreewatchers Podcast Episode 135: End Times Chronology – The Millennium Part 1

In this episode we began taking a look at the different views on the millennium: amillennialism, postmillennialism, and premillennialism and began making a case for the premillennial viewpoint.

Figtreewatchers Podcast Episode 134: Ephesians – Victory In Christ Jesus – Introduction Part 2

In this episode we will learn 11 principles for living out the gospel in a hostile pagan world. Discover the unwavering love and victory that Jesus offers us. Let Christ raise us up above the challenges and through the Holy Spirit, guide us to all truth and transform us through His word. Listen to this inspiring podcast episode and be empowered today!

Figtreewatchers Podcast Episode 133: Ephesians – Victory In Christ Jesus – Introduction Part 1

In this first episode in our Ephesians series, Victory in Christ Jesus, we examined how Paul prepared himself to live in a pagan society. In the same way, we as Christians must each day, know our battle field, recognize the dangers, empower ourselves with prayer, separate ourselves from the world and live in Christ Jesus.

Figtreewatchers Podcast Episode 132: End Times Chronology – Preterism Part 2

In this episode we continued our look into Preterism and gave a few more reasons why we don't agree with the view; due to its embrace of replacement theology and the dating of the book of Revelation.

Figtreewatchers Podcast Episode 131: End Times Chronology – Preterism Part 1

In this episode we started a new series "End Times Chronology" where we hope to lay out what we believe to be an accurate view of end time events from the rapture to eternity. As preparation for that, we'll first analyze the main views on eschatology starting with Preterism.

Figtreewatchers Podcast Episode 130: Covenant School Shooting, Sensationalism, CBDC Adoption, & Amazon Palm Scanners in Panera

In this episode we discussed the recent shooting at Covenant School in Nashville, Tenessee. We then referenced an article from Harbingers Daily about the sensationalism of bible prophecy. The ever-increasing move towards a CBDC and Panera’s implementation of Amazon’s Amazon One Hand Scanners. We then ended off with an article that called the Premillennial view an extremist Christian belief.

Figtreewatchers Podcast Episode 129: Increase in Antisemitism, Israeli Bill to Ban Gospel, J.P. Morgan’s Biometric Payment, & Digital Dollar

In this episode we went over the Israeli bill that was introduced to ban the sharing of the gospel, increase in antisemitism in the US, Israel and Russia’s deteriorating relationship, J.P. Morgan’s new face and palm scanning payment technology, and preparations for a CBDC here in the United States.

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