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Christian Persecution

Figtreewatchers Podcast Episode 130: Covenant School Shooting, Sensationalism, CBDC Adoption, & Amazon Palm Scanners in Panera

In this episode we discussed the recent shooting at Covenant School in Nashville, Tenessee. We then referenced an article from Harbingers Daily about the sensationalism of bible prophecy. The ever-increasing move towards a CBDC and Panera’s implementation of Amazon’s Amazon One Hand Scanners. We then ended off with an article that called the Premillennial view an extremist Christian belief.

Top 10 Biblically Relevant Issues of 2021

A sharp increase in antisemitism and Christian persecution worldwide, a growing digital currency race, and the push for globalism. The increase in lawlessness in the US and stage setting in the Middle East. Advancement of technology and an increasing call for the third temple. More eyes brought to the subject of UFOs and the secular world echoing the fact that natural disasters are increasing in frequency and intensity. Here are some of what I believe to be the most prophetically significant issues of 2021.

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